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Our Nursery

At Beaufort Nursery we pride ourselves on forming excellent relationships with children and their parents which underpin children’s learning.  We provide an excellent learning programme which follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  We see our role in Nursery as preparing children for their transition to Reception.  We encourage our children to become independent and to respond to the challenges of our exciting planned activities.  The children are stimulated by exploring our recently refurbished indoor and outdoor learning classrooms.  We believe young children are active learners and have the potential to set their own learning challenges extending their development and abilities in all areas.

Our Nursery team

We have a well-qualified and experienced Nursery team.  We strive to connect with our children and parents, encouraging every child to meet their full potential.  The team consists of:

Mrs Julie Johnson – Teacher (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Susan Williams – Teaching Assistant (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Adele Palmer – Teaching Assistant (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Belinda Fathers – Teaching Assistant (Wed-Fri)

Ms Dewberry, our Head Teacher, oversees our Early Years Team.

Waiting List

To join our Nursery parents first need to put their child’s name onto our waiting list.  Forms are available from the school office or the Nursery or they can be downloaded and emailed to us.  Parents are very welcome to come and look around our facilities and can make an appointment with the school office. 

Inductions and settling in

We invite Parents to meet with Mrs Johnson on their child’s first session; or at another convenient time.  This is a time to discuss your child’s individual needs, to fill in the necessary forms and for us to take a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport.  This usually takes around 15-20 minutes then you may leave your child with us.  Most children settle in very quickly but sometimes children find this a difficult process and may need a different strategy e.g. shorter sessions to help your child become happy and settled.


Children are entitled to 15 hours free Nursery education in the term after their third birthday if places are available within the Nursery.  We aim to admit children soon after their third birthday if places are available.  We also offer 30 hours free Nursery education to those children who qualify for this.  See https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/ for further details about childcare options.

The sessions we offer

For 15 hour entitlement:

Morning Sessions Mon-Fri 8.45 – 11.45 am

Afternoon Sessions Mon-Fri 12.15 – 3.15 pm

For 30 hour entitlement

Mon – Fri 8.45 am – 3.15 pm

Our 30 hour places are currently limited to 16 children.  11.30 am – 12.15 pm is the lunchtime part of the session.  Children may bring their own packed lunch or order a healthy school lunch.  Our lunchtime session is run by a Teaching Assistant and two Midday Supervisors.

Our Nursery children can also access our onsite Breakfast and After School Clubs.  Please look at the Parents/Carers section for further details.

The Groups we offer

Name of Group

Led by

Typical Learning Opportunities

Phonics group

Following the Letters and Sounds programme Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

All children attend this group in the year before they transfer to Reception.

Mrs Johnson


Typical activities include listening games with musical instruments in Phase 1.  Children then learn about phonemes and graphemes in Phase 2, e.g. sorting a basket of objects by their initial sound.

Maths group

All children attend this group in the year before they transfer to Reception.

Mrs Johnson


Typical activities include counting and number recognition.  Making comparisons between weight and size.  Learning about shape.

Pupil Premium group

Mrs Fathers

Teaching Assistant

(Planned by Mrs Johnson)

Targeting our Pupil Premium children groups are planned which aim to boost children’s learning, e.g. literacy, maths, personal and social development.

Language group

Children who are assessed as needing additional support with language and communication attend this group.

Mrs Williams

Teaching Assistant

(Planned by Mrs Johnson)

Typical activities include games and circle times to promote confidence in using language and extending vocabulary. Games related to use of verbs or positional language.  Story telling activities.

Small group or one-to-one work

Children who have a Speech and Language Programme or are assessed as having a particular need which they need support with.

Mrs Palmer

Teaching Assistant

(Planned by Mrs Johnson in consultation with other professionals, e.g. Speech and Language Therapist).

Mrs Palmer sometimes works on a one-to-one with children but when appropriate she runs groups with children who have similar needs.  Mrs Palmer delivers personalised learning supporting children to reach their individual targets, e.g. supporting children to articulate sounds properly.

Story groups

Mrs Johnson – Rocket Group

Mrs Palmer/Mrs Fathers – Sparkle Group

Mrs Williams – Star Group

Stories are vital for our Nursery children and children enjoy joining in with repeated refrains in stories or talking about the illustrations in books.


When children enter our Nursery we carry out a series of Assessments to ensure we best meet children’s individual needs.  Children are assessed regularly and Parents are involved in understanding and contributing to children’s online Tapestry learning journal which includes observations, photographs and videos of children’s learning.  Our assessments are crucial in identifying and promoting children’s next steps in learning and development.

Parents as Partners

We recognise the importance of the relationship between ourselves and Parents and
Carers in a child’s ongoing development.  We support Parents in the following ways:

  • Offering inductions with parents to find out more about children’s needs.
  • Giving Parents access to Tapestry our online learning journal.
  • Monty’s Mission is our weekly homework task which helps Parents to support children’s learning at home.
  • Offering opportunities for parents to come to Workshops, e.g. Behaviour, Reading, Writing, Maths, Forest Friday and Performances including our Nativity.


When children start our Nursery Parents sign a contract agreeing to bring their child to school every day.  In case of illness Parents should phone the school office.  We also encourage Parents to arrive on time to ensure children get the most out of their school day.  Children are awarded with Full Attendance Certificates every half term.

Our Routine

Routine is extremely important in Nursery as it offers children a sense of belonging and emotional security, our routine is:

Routine aspect

What this looks like

Settling in time

Parents are welcome to come into Nursery as children arrive and are encouraged to support their child write their name on our self-registration table.

Hello Song

When the bell rings the children learn to sit on the carpet.  We have a short Hello Song all together to welcome us all and have a happy start to our learning.

Story Groups

The children go to story groups to enjoy reading together.

Phonics and Maths Group

Mrs Johnson takes two separate groups for Phonics and Maths learning groups.

Language Group (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs Williams takes Language Groups with children identified for extra support with language and communication.

Pupil Premium

Mrs Fathers takes Pupil Premium Group once a week.

Small Group and one-to-one work

Mrs Palmer finds an appropriate time in the day to deliver these sessions.  Support is given Mon-Wed.

Freeflow play and snack

The children can choose between indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.  A healthy snack is provided with a member of staff using snack as an opportunity to talk with the children.

Tidy up time

We sing our Tidy Up song and children take responsibility by tidying up and returning resources to baskets with photographs and text.

Physical group

Our daily physical group promotes the development of gross motor and fine motor skills which supports our children in developing their writing ability.

Singing and home time

Our children enjoy singing Nursery rhymes together and prepare to go home after a very happy and exciting day.

Things to remember during our Week


We pay £1.00 snack money per week which also helps to fund our weekly baking session.


Baking – we bake every Thursday Mrs Williams plans our baking activity in line with the book of the week.

Library – we provide a library where children can borrow a book to enjoy at home and return the following week to exchange.  Children are also encouraged to fill out a book review sheet.

Forest Fridays

Children are encouraged to wear suitable clothing including wellies and waterproofs for this very special adventure.  

Documents to download

Nursery Waiting List form

30 Hours free childcare eligibility code letter

Tax free Childcare

Pocket Guide to Childcare in Derby

Tapestry consent letter

Ready for Nursery

Welcome to New Children

Take a look at Beaufort Nursery

Forest Fridays New Starters

All about me sheet

Thinking Thursdays