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At Beaufort we are very proud to have a BRAVE curriculum.

B Brilliant Beaufort Minds – our school and curriculum supports positive Social, Emotional and Mental Health for every individual. Our children are taught to be self-aware and self-regulate as well as being conscious of the needs of others.  We want our children to be aspirational, resilient and learn from mistakes.

R RelationshipsWe value opportunities to develop empathy; the importance of co-operation and collaboration; learning to debate and compromise; and treat each other with kindness. These are our foundations of daily practice in school. 

A Amazing Attitudes – our curriculum underpinned by our School and British Values where a focus on culture, sports and the arts provides a wider knowledge of the world and supports our children in finding their place in society and how they relate to it. We teach local and global environmental awareness so that children have a better awareness of understanding their role in conserving the Earth’s finite resources through a more sustainable lifestyle.

V Vocabulary – our children will explore the world through words and know that reading for knowledge and pleasure gives us the POWER to succeed

E Everybody – everybody matters, everybody is included, our differences are celebrated. Children at Beaufort develop a strong sense of identity. They are provided with the tools to be self-aware and are taught the value of diversity and heritage.

 Aims of our curriculum

 Our BRAVE learning curriculum will enable: 

  • All children to be successful, knowledgeable individuals who enjoy learning and make progress.
  • Our children to have the words and skills to confidently communicate.
  • Our children to be positive members of their local community and global citizens with cultural capital: knowing how to lead healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. 

 Focus for Learning

 Our BRAVE learning curriculum will teach:

  • The value of vocabulary and the pleasure of reading.
  • Knowledge that sticks and can be recalled by pupils throughout the their Learning Journeys and into adulthood.
  • Skills that progress across a breadth of subjects and support pupils to be capable learners.
  • Amazing attitudes that hep our children to become individuals who have self-belief, perseverance and acceptance. Children who are resilient, respectful, curious, optimistic, courageous, responsible, honest and compassionate. 


Our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for lifelong learning.  At Beaufort, we offer a rich and vibrant curriculum which is ambitious for all learners.  Through our curriculum, we develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for later life.  Our curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that our children are exposed to the richest and most varied opportunities that we can provide.  Our aim is to enrich every child's school experience by creating an environment where they are encouraged to succeed and be the best they can be.  At Beaufort, cultural capital prepares children with the essential knowledge and skills for their future.  The exploration of new skills and experiences help to nurture resilience, curiosity and creativity.  The curriculum is further enhanced by our commitment to Values-based Education (including British Values) and, through this, we provide learning experiences which promote confident, self-motivated pupils, eager for lifelong learning.  Reading and developing a rich and varied vocabulary underpins every aspect of our curriculum intent.


A Big Question is carefully designed for each curriculum topic.  This allows children to explore and investigate with the end in mind.  They can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways in order to answer the Big Question. Key concepts that will impact on children’s future learning are identified and form the key vocabulary that will be covered.  These are our ’Sticky Words.’ Our curriculum design allows the children to connect past, present and future in their learning and to build upon existing knowledge and skills to ensure that these can be applied in all areas of the curriculum.  In this respect, our curriculum allows for the accumulation of knowledge and skills, for the children to build on what they know and embed knowledge to enter the long-term memory – making it stick! Themes have been planned with the children’s needs in mind, ensuring that the local community plays a part alongside the wider world.  In order to broaden the children’s experiences, visits and visitors are carefully planned to support and inspire the learning. As part of our planning, we ensure regular recaps of subject content and an opportunity to deepen the children’s understanding of their learning through performing class assemblies to their parents.

At the heart of our curriculum is the use of books and language to promote understanding

‘Cognitive psychology has shown that the mind best understands facts

when they are woven into a conceptual fabric, such as a narrative.’

Stephen Pinker

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University


Our cohesive curriculum places the learners at the centre and allows them to make connections in their knowledge, skills and understanding that are vital across all subjects.

At Beaufort, we strive to ensure that our children’s attainment in core and foundation subjects is in line with or exceeding age-related expectations.  We intend that our children will be fully prepared for their next stage of education; ready to contribute positively to society as a whole.

Our work on promoting social skills, including values, resilience and well-being enables the children to become the very best version of themselves.

 At Beaufort primary school children in KS1 and KS2 follow the National Curriculum. Children in Foundation Stage follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum. Our teachers bring the National Curriculum alive by making links between the individual subjects and applying them to topics. We base our curriculum on a Enquiry Curriculum where each topic begins with a Big Question. Each half term teachers will produce a curriculum plan that shows the links between different curriculum subjects and how they can be linked by overarching topics.  We call this the Big Picture. Year groups will work together on the same topics and there should be plenty of opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom. As we have mixed age classes, we run our curriculum on a 2 year cycle.

 Vocabulary that can be transferred to learning at other points of a child's education is what the curriculum is based on.  This vocabulary is carefully considered for each topic to ensure it is meaningful, transferable and ambitious.  In classrooms you will see these words displayed as 'sticky words.'

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National Curriculum

The current National Curriculum for Primary Schools was introduced in September 2014.

The National Curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge and skills around which teachers plan lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.

Schools are free to choose how they organise their school day, as long as the content of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study is taught to all pupils.

The programmes of study for each subject can be found at: